Life is not a cartoon

They praise animated Japanese films.  But I have an opinion against them.  

The ‘characters’ of them, the deformed figures of human and animals are basically came from early 20 century European styles.  Those figures drawn on the walls of cathedrals etc at the end of the century gave them the inspiration for all those imaginary creatures.   

The caricature figures of the animated films are somewhat ‘original’ or ‘artisitc’, in other words, fictional.  The fictional styles affected the fashions, so as to change their hairstyles and clothing.  What of, say, the corsette means to the western society?  The gross transfiguration of the natural being may or may not afffect the mentality of mostly students of those readers of the cartoons.   

What repelled me was those stories of those animated films, which are mostly pop-culture, drawn without much of either traditional or modern intellectual input.  Greek mythology perhaps is comparable in the level of maturity as modern writings.  

Most of them only consists of very primitive emotional expressions; happy, sad, and angry.  In many cases, those reactions come from a set of standard mostly traditional and full of ‘prejudices’ that forms the society as it has been.   

The set out rules of the magical world, follows fixed patterns of the eternal ‘growth’ and the rewards given by up somewhere, typically symbolizes the economic expansion and its guaranteed expansion and the centralized government that judges for individuals.  

Every rule has exceptions, of course.  In most of the cases, however, you would expect those cartoons to be — soaked in unbearable populism that only aims to appeal the most vulnarable if not entrenched in the tightly hierarchical society. 


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