How long have I waited for this day — he is finally gone.  I counted the days as the days go by.  For each and every utterance of his word, my hatred has been consuming the everything good in what believed in.  I prayed for each sound of siren that announces someone’s peril, praying for that being him.  With every human will that could ever be possible, I prayed for his going.  Now the time has come.  I sing a song of a triumph — that justice has won.

Never a day passed without this curse on the crooked, ill-bred, nasty disfigured wretched being.  The distorted human nature that has been presented with the base desire to bully, assimilate to beastly life, all in mass action.  I proclaim to the world — I have this sense of being, and I detest everything that he represents.

Glorious the day of his departure.  The heaven helped us get through.  The history opened a new page.  Never more and never again with drama, never a crisis.  Never again the sight of him.  It is all over, he is gone.  The sort of characters only with time, money, and empty heads can produce — “you see how it’s been done?”  He is gone and gone forever.

The hot air and glittering sunshine of the early summer, animals come out and hurriedly running across the field.  Everything is in green now, in ever increasing in intensity.  The victory in the air, within our grasp, ever so surely there waiting for us.  Everything come out all at once, waited for so long, coming out to proclaim their rights, the innate rights of their own, to feel, to express, that the time has come.  He is gone.


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