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We are having hot days this week which seems to have encouraged cicades to come up.  Their songs are loud.

Cicada belong to a group of insects called Hemiptera (= half wing).  The forewings of the cicada, however, are not half hardened as in some species such as shield bugs, a hemipteran.  Its mesonotum does retain traces of the hardened forewings.  It feeds on sap with proboscis which is a modified version of mandibles and maxillae, which distinguishes hemipterans.


The worst of all movies

What is this movie?  I just even do not know the name of it.

First, I despise you for trying to force mating then religion.  She does not have to refuse every male around.  ‘Asking her’?!.  It is disgusting.

AND, you did exactly the wrong thing for ‘seduction’.  First, you made it beastly.  Then you made it like a competition.  The worst possible way to make the disgusting ordeal any better.

It is the responsibility of the management team for this selection of the worse possible actors and actresses.

Presentation next week

Jackie is a new member of our office. She is from Indiana and lives the airport side of the town. She is in charge of the multimedia section of the project in the Marketing department. I talked to her this afternoon and asked whether she would be nervous about the presentation next week. She said “if I know what I am supposed to say, it is OK”. Oh well. Way to go! I feel nervous about the whole thing.

Do they have reasons?

Grimm stories are inconsequential and Disney’s are governed by Dickensian rules. The results? The former is still after Nazi criminals and the latter just apologizes for killing civilians, say in Iraq or Afghanistan. This is the limitation of education.


You would always be aware of what those in contact with you will get in dealing with you (mind your own business).  If you know the root cause of the behavior of the person, you would do things properly so that you would not get hurt (I trusted in you).  People are different and have different values on different things (but you are my friend still).

Where are the jobs?

India has it so that can produce its own national brand cars.  The government mandated to be able to produce every parts of the car within its borders.  Those visiting there, however, told us stories of cars without floor etc.

The US has a similar policy of ensuring every sort of industries can produce products in this nation.  The distribution of production levels of each branch of industrial outputs in this nation shows you can purchase any sort of products made in the States.  Be it plastic, metal, wooden, or food products, there are companies that produce them.

The quality of the products, are rather good in case of the made-in-USA products.  They tend to be heavier, bigger, bulkier but do the job right.  I have my Klein Tools scissors made in USA and it works.  It was more than 15 times expensive than the cheapest ones you can find, but it cuts well and the blades meet in the right way.