Monthly Archives: March 2012

Learning to hate

They certainly have nothing to teach but hatred.  Learning to hate, is a process to be a good corporate citizen.  You would learn to hate well.  My hatred is genuine.  

In Buddhism, hatred is a sin.  Let’s say I am only in the early stage of enlightenment.  In face of this, things can get easier.  After getting through collective stupidity and massive ignorance, together with nasty bash, you will attain the enlightenment.  Enlightenment that dictates life is worth this much.  

Doing things that I ask them not to, is certainly not an action ‘for me’, it is for their belief.  When I am explicitly stating “I am not going to do such a thing” and constantly telling me to do exactly that, is if not from total stupidity out of religious belief then simply a type of harassment.