The Chicago rules

I saw some Chicgoans’ disgusting ‘honesty’ or insinctive impulse, in my own eyes.  They would call it ‘checking’ anyways so let us do call it their checking reveals what exactly they are — “we are going to play it out for our own benefit”.  They do not hesitate to violate even their own principles for that purposes.  Let alone what they would call decency or humanity.  In general, they are uneducated, and do not expect people to care about humanity or individual differences.  

Just because they do not assume people to know anything, they do not explain their actions, even to themselves.  Typical ‘uneducated’ attitudes of those do not have the vocabulary of abstract concepts.  If we do not have common language, why should we even try to communicate?

“I know her people, and the way they think.”  But the fact is, you do not.  You just do not know their “city” indifference and pragmatism, which is not based upon ‘the satisfaction of others’.  People do tend to pity in funny things like others being different.  


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