“We check”?!

From over 10 m away, “Oh, my God” voice rang the room.  The intonation is not something you can put in words.  It is the most immediate imitation of those TV voice; the US is the nation where people watch the TV the longest in the world.  

If you hear closely what they say, you would know their vocabulary is somewhat limited.  Many of which are swear words, depicting their special interests in either relationship or brain works.  If you watch television, probably you would hear the original in more sophisticated manners.   

Their apologies would come as easily as their expressions of gratitude.  “We check” or “just testing” is the most common way to say they failed in their objectives.  Here in Chicago, you would hear another set of words; “you are good”.  Presumably, they are trying to outwit those they are talking to.   

How could it be so at work, where, as the President boasts, the employees are ‘the most efficient’?  Is this work place as bad as in the “do-nothing” Congress in Washington? They seem to pride in do the work not as their sole intention of their profession, but in doing it just fairly while doing all those mal-intentioned ‘testing’ at the same time. So “do-nothing worker” should not be their titles. It should be I would simply call them mean.


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