Chicago Jazz Festival

There was the Chicago Jazz Festival last week.

The Chicago I saw was literally a dirty city where on holidays many visit for sightseeing purposes. The railways runs above the roads so that many streets are dark. There are sidewalks for those roads and there are stores which you have never heard of. It is spacious and hard to walk through the city which is not at all pleasant. There hardly any show windows nor places to sit and enjoy the view. There are buildings and sculptures so funny that it looks like a theme park, which serves just for that purposes for the tourists. From any corner of the street, you would notice the computer designs which not at all fit the human purposes.

People, however, are more friendly than those in big cities around the globe. They have the air of kindness which they sacrifice for money. Those from other parts of the country are much more nicer than those who flock the stores in NY city.


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