A typical day at the office.

A typical day at the office.

“You lost again”, T said, as if to show everyone he knows the results beforehand.  He is showing off his shallow character by saying it out.  D, laughing, came to his boss, talking something else.  Beside their talking, E was sitting listening intensely.  This makes life interesting, she thought.  She is particularly interested in clothing and human relationship.  Those topics tickle her to the extreme.  The more fuss, the more interesting.

She was laughing — a vulgar laugh.  Beside her, J was saying “I was right”.  Her outlook and behavior would remind you more of that of a typical teenager, acting like what you see on TV programs.  “Oh,” she would say.  “I did not know that”, in a shrill voice with a look.  “Really?”  Probably it is fair to say, her interests in people — typified with her frequent reference to ‘private’ life — do not exactly coinside with others in the office.  Everyone, has already the life of their own.  They are not asking for any interference to change it.

“Thanks,” D said.  He is so conceited to full, it is everyone’s expectation that anything has been said worth thanking him.  It would take some time for him to understand noone is showing him gratitude.  He has a high voice that sounds like a bad neighbor shrieking at every fault in front of him.


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