Those TV programs are adjusted to low level, say high school, which is notoriously ‘rough’ or is being no place to learn.  All is due to education.  This is due to the lack of standards, the level of knowledge that you could assume from the viewers.

Their idea is this — not let the users think.  That is to be avoided at all cost.  When they do bring arguments, the answers are already there that the users can follow.

It should not be fear they play with.  With forward thinking, that should be the image of what is happening to people right next to you.  Those programs should give you that sort of idea — that will give you the hint that you should avoid doing.

It is simply this.  You look at people on screen eating and decided not to go out to eat.  They are not cool.  They are fat.  TV programs have those sort of impacts.

Or, you look at people spending money foolishly.  They do not look smart.  They are lazy.  TV programs tell you something.


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Programming is, a way to earn living, to express yourself, to explore logic, and to make a permanent record of your thinking. View all posts by easai

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