Where are the jobs?

India has it so that can produce its own national brand cars.  The government mandated to be able to produce every parts of the car within its borders.  Those visiting there, however, told us stories of cars without floor etc.

The US has a similar policy of ensuring every sort of industries can produce products in this nation.  The distribution of production levels of each branch of industrial outputs in this nation shows you can purchase any sort of products made in the States.  Be it plastic, metal, wooden, or food products, there are companies that produce them.

The quality of the products, are rather good in case of the made-in-USA products.  They tend to be heavier, bigger, bulkier but do the job right.  I have my Klein Tools scissors made in USA and it works.  It was more than 15 times expensive than the cheapest ones you can find, but it cuts well and the blades meet in the right way.


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